DAI Capital

Dedicated to mobilizing private capital in frontier and emerging markets, DAI Capital is the advisory and investment arm of DAI.

DAI Capital builds on DAI’s global platform, strong local partnerships, and in-depth market knowledge to act as a conduit for commercial capital. DAI’s brand and reputation position us as a credible financial intermediary in emerging and frontier markets, while our technical expertise allows us to manage risk effectively and add value to promising businesses that are constrained by capacity and capital.

DAI’s heritage as an economic development firm, including extensive engagement with development finance institutions, makes us an ideal partner for private sector institutions seeking investment opportunities that are profitable, responsible, and sustainable across frontier and emerging markets.

Our team has deep professional experience in corporate finance, investment banking, private equity, venture capital, and venture building.

DAI Capital operates across three pillars:

Capital Advisory

We advise businesses in frontier and emerging markets on raising capital from local and international investors:

  • Developing tailored capital structures that balance the short- and long-term capital needs of their business
  • Structuring, negotiating, and executing transactions to raise capital
  • Preparing businesses and assets for investment from local and international investors
  • Identifying suitable financial and strategic investors from a range of private and public institutions
  • Addressing other strategic issues, such as corporate governance and risk mitigation

Further, we advise asset managers and other investors seeking to deploy capital in frontier and emerging markets. We advise them in identifying investment opportunities, executing investments, and exiting their investments.

Asset Management

DAI’s longstanding local presence and extensive networks across frontier and emerging markets provide an ideal platform for identifying promising investment opportunities, performing due diligence on these investment opportunities, and providing management support for the investee management teams once an investment is made.


We invest directly in early-stage companies and create greenfield businesses in frontier and emerging markets where the DAI platform provides a strategic advantage—particularly in financial services, agriculture, health, technology, and government services.

DAI Capital’s existing portfolio includes several healthcare assets—THINKMD, ClickMedix, and MobileODT—as well as greenfield startups at an earlier stage.

Devex interviews John Maris in October 2019 about DAI Capital.

DAI Capital FAQs

1. Why has DAI launched DAI Capital?

DAI has launched DAI Capital to build on the success of its economic development work across frontier and merging markets by catalyzing private, commercial capital into those markets.

2. What is the value proposition of DAI Capital?

DAI Capital's team of finance and investment professionals has extensive transaction experience and is able to leverage DAI's sector and country experts to deliver capital advisory and investment services for our clients and investors.

3. How does DAI Capital support DAI’s mission?

DAI Capital upholds DAI’s longstanding commitment to responsible and sustainable business, and we aim to generate competitive investment returns by supporting profitable, socially responsible businesses. We are firmly committed to achieving the highest standards of corporate, environmental, and social governance, transparency, compliance, and accountability. Adhering to our values will create better prospects for long-term growth.

4. How does DAI Capital support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

DAI’s heritage as an economic development firm that designs and implements development projects in partnership with local and international development finance institutions and development agencies makes DAI Capital an ideal partner for private sector institutions seeking investment opportunities that promote the achievement of the SDGs.

Further, DAI Capital aims to become a leader in the World Bank’s “billions to trillions” agenda by leveraging our platform to catalyze private capital flows to frontier and emerging markets.

5. How will DAI Capital complement DAI’s long-standing development consulting business?

DAI Capital collaborates with DAI’s development experts across the globe. We work primarily in:

  • Countries where DAI has extensive networks and a long-term presence
  • Sectors where DAI has strong in-house expertise and a great track record