Our Global Executive Team ensures that DAI’s passion for development is delivered with the discipline of a business. Embracing the rigors of the marketplace—competition and innovation—they set the standards for a company dedicated to delivering both development results and development value. The team is led by Jim Boomgard, who reports to DAI’s Board.

James Boomgard

President and Chief Executive Officer

Jim has worked at the forefront of economic development issues for more than 30 years in more than 30 countries.

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Nate Bourns

Vice President, Global Operations

Nate works across all DAI business units and corporate offices to build a next-generation operating model, beginning with key geographies such as India and Nigeria.

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Jean Gilson

Senior Vice President, Global Strategy

Jean leads the firm’s work on strategy, market analysis, external relations, and communications.

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Sarah Helmstadter

Senior Vice President, Global Workforce

Sarah Helmstadter leads all aspects of talent acquisition, retention, development, and management; and ensures the quality and efficiency of company-wide human resource operations.

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John Maris

Acting Chief Financial Officer; Managing Director, DAI Capital

John maintains the integrity of the company’s financial statements, ensures compliance with all financial regulators and tax authorities, and leads our business forecasting and modelling work to inform strategic and operational decisions.

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Zan Northrip

Executive Vice President, Development Partners Group

Zan leads the development, marketing, and delivery of DAI’s development solutions for U.S., U.K., and European donor partners.

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Helle Weeke

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Helle is DAI’s principal legal advisor, responsible for managing all of the firm’s legal affairs.

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